Who we are

Laguna Collective is a platform organization where international experts meet to collaborate in generating and spreading knowledge and skills in the field of humanitarian psychosocial aid provision.

Our interest is the mental health of forced migrants, survivors of humanitarian crisis, and those living in low resource settings.

Our vision is that people’s mental health is affected by social bonds, meaningful activities, and cultural and spiritual life as much as by psychological processes. Therefore, interventions should focus on strengthening existing and potential resources for psychological well-being across all these domains, and build bridges that transcend prevailing structures mostly based on one aspect of health promotion. Such psycho-social-ecological approach promotes both mental health and a community’s social fabric.

Accordingly, Laguna Collective comprises experts from a variety of professional backgrounds (e.g., medicine, psychology, international health, conflict studies, anthropology, social work, law, arts). This enables the use of different perspectives to inform and take collaborative action. Most actors in the humanitarian arena have their own particular focus, expertise, or target group. Laguna Collective harbors this diversity within one organisation, which enables greater alignment of activities.  

We manage knowledge by learning from field experience, developing and researching innovative intervention methods, and providing training and advice. We seek to engage in long term collaborations to support populations with a psycho-social-ecological approach.

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