Laguna Collective

Who we are

Laguna Collective aims to promote the mental and psychosocial wellbeing of people who receive too little help. We particularly target the following groups:

  • People who have fled their home countries because of oppression, persecution or war, or because they were sexually abused, mistreated and/or exploited. Many of them live in social isolation in a host country, and struggle with psychological problems.
  • People with mental problems living in low resource settings where little help is available, or where the manifestation of mental health problems leads to stigma or ostracism.

Laguna is a collective of professionals and volunteers with very diverse backgrounds and expertise. We aim to contribute to the psychological well-being and social connectedness of people within their current surroundings.

We operate within the Dutch context as well as in international collaborative actions and projects. In principle, activities start outside established institutes and structures. We respect the value systems and beliefs of the individuals concerned.

Laguna serves as a platform and basis for the development and implementation of new ideas, and provides a meeting place for existing initiatives. Wherever possible, activities are based on scientific findings and own research. 

For an overview of current, completed and intended activities, go to ‘Activities‘ or ‘News‘.
For an overview of members of the collective, go to ‘The Collective‘. For young members with starting carreers whom we aim to support, click ‘Young Professionals’.