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October 2023
Laguna & Mallika Taneja in Frascati Theatre 
Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam invited Laguna Collective to hold a workshop together with Mallika Taneja, who is a performing artist from New Dehli (India) and a member of our collective. The workshop will entail a theoretical, artistic and physical dialogue around the themes of grief, mourning, silence, and song. It is open for anyone. Admission is free but you need to book a (free) online ticket as the number of places is limited.
The workshop will take place in Frascati Theatre on Friday 27 October and start at 20:00 hrs.
Visit the relevant webpage for further detailed information and to book your free ticket.
July-Aug 2022
Online support to mental health professionals in Ukraine

Spread over July and August 2022, members of Laguna Collective in collaboration with ARQ International conduct eight separate series of online trainings to mental health professionals in Ukraine. These series take between 6 en 18 training hours each.
July 2022
On July 1st, 2022, we provided a one-day workshop ‘Stressful work, self-care, and stress-reduction’ for Goedwerk Foundation in Amsterdam. This organisation supports migrants who wish to return to their country of origin or a third country, provided that permanent resettlement there is secured.
June 2022
Assessment Moshi district, Tanzania
Early June 2022, Laguna conducted an assessment in Moshi district in northern Tanzania, to establish the need and feasibility to support local mental health capacity building. This would entail the training of medical students and staff of local hospitals as well as regional comunity health workers. We decided to develop and implement a relevant plan in collaboration with the local communities and health workers, national and regional authorities, and other NGOs.   
Community of volunteers at BRF and Doctors of the World
Within an ongoing partnership with Doctors of the World Netherlands and Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF), Laguna Collective trains and supervises a shared community of volunteers. The formation and development of this community and its online platform was and is financially supported by the Fred Foundation. A first get-together of the community took place in Amsterdam in March 23, 2022.
Febr 2021
Online training METS-OG for BRF, IRC on Lesbos and DvdW in Amsterdam
As of Februari 5th, 2021, Laguna provides an online METS-OG training to a group of psychosocial workers delegated from three different organisations: Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF), the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and Doctors of the World Netherlands. On the isle of Lesvos BRF regularly collaborates with IRC. DvdW’s participation in this training forecasts the shared formation of a community of volunteers by BRF and DvdW (zie above).
Nov 2020
Pilot and evaluation of Common Ground Works completed
In October 2020 the last pilot meetings of Common Ground Works took place (zie previous information below). A systematic evaluation by use of questionnaires and individual and focus group interviews has resulted in a final protocol, documented in a Handbook for facilitators and a Workbook for participants. The method is also suitable for other target groups. See under Common Ground Works.  
Sept 2020
Online training METS-OG for Doctors Without Borders on the isle of Samos
Following the succesful training of the MSF team in Athens (see below), Laguna provides a similar training in METS-OG during four online meetings with an MSF team on the isle of Samos, Greece. The training started September 16th, 2020.
June 2020
Online training METS-OG for Doctors Without Borders in Athens
Starting June 25th, 2020, we provided an online METS-OG training to a team of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF) in Athens. METS is an empowerment-focused working method, collaboratively designed by a group of European rehabilitation centers for refugees. METS-OG is an adapted version particularly designed for application in open groups. The MSF team works within the framework of a program of MSF Operational Center Geneva, and provides psychological support to refugees residing in the Athens area. The training consisted of four online group meetings, lasting three hours each.
June 2020
Continuation of pilot Common Ground Works 
After the vigorous take-off of the pilot of the Common Ground Works method in March last (see below), the corona pandemic sadly prevented further meetings. Fortunately government’s present guidelines allow continuation, and a survey among IMBY members indicated unabated eagerness to participate. We therefore get going again with great commitment. The first group restarts meeting on June 24th, 2020. 
March 2020
Start of pilot Common Ground Works
On March 7th, 2020, the pilot of the Common Ground Works method took off with the first of a series of meetings of a group of IMBY members. After completion of three such series the method will be evaluated, which in the summer of 2020 will lead to its final design. The first meeting was exciting, with a lively group of eleven participants, an active sharing of views, and a dynamic and positive atmosphere.
Visit the page on Common Ground Works.