Laguna Collective

Sharing Knowledge

On request Laguna provides training in screening for and identifying psychiatric and psychosocial problems, psychiatric treatment, and various psychosocial intervention methods. These interactive trainings may have an online character, including practical exercise. We also provide lectures and presentations at various organisations and institutes for academic or higher vocational education. Visit the News page of this website.
Within an established collaboration Laguna Collective supports Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) in psychosocial aid provision to refugees in Greece. We train and supervise volunteers working with BRF to apply a method focussed on empowerment.
Click here to visit the website of Boat Refugee Foundation.
We also have an ongoing collaboration with Dokters van de Wereld (Doctors of the World), which we support through training and supervising their volunteers engaged in psychosocial support provision to undocumented refugees in The Netherlands. Click here to visit the website of Dokters van de Wereld.
Boat Refugee Foundation, Doctors of the World and Laguna Collective will soon start to form, train, employ, and support a shared community of volunteers. Visit the News page of this website.
We aim to support the development of members who feel committed to our target groups and who are in the starting phase of their carreers
(click ‘Young Professionals’). Experienced members of Laguna Collective act as supervisors for younger members’ Master or PhD theses,  e.g., Rachel Brenner’s Master thesis and the PhD studies of Hannah Strohmeier and Jetske van Heemstra.